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Rehmani Welfare Trust

Rehmani Welfare Trust

Helping the poor by eliminating poverty, ignorance, starvation, infirmity and malnutrition.

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Welcome to RWT - Rehmani Welfare Trust - Pakistan!

The RWT is fully aware of its responsibilities towards the poor by working together with other institutions engaged in the work of Poverty alleviation and developing coordinated strategies. Rehmani Welfare Trust (RWT) has been working as an "NGO" since long. It is registered with Central Board of Revenue (CBR) since 2007. The main objective of this organization is to help the people to gain the resources for their productive self employment and to encourage them to fight against poverty by enhancing their education and skills. The organization will motivate these people to stand united against poverty, ignorance and social oppression.

Our Mission

is to “Uplift the social status of deprived and oppressed by helping them to live a better quality life by providing them access to quality education, health facilities and financial help”.

Our Vision

is to achieve a level of sustainable community development with respect to all oppressed and deprived segments of society.

Our Values

Unity- Mutual Help– We feeling – Teamwork and self respect

Governing Body

A governing body of the Trust will be responsible for all activities. All projects initiated by the trust need approval of Governing Body. Decisions in the Governing Body will be made on the basis of simple majority.

The present Governing Body of the Trust is:-

Haji Saif ullah Zia Rehmani

Dr. Rehmat Ullah Saqib
Senior Vice President

Anwer Yaseen Rehmani
Vice President

Asghar Pehlwan Rehmani
General Secretary

Hakeem Abdul Jabbar Rehmani
Finance Secretary

Al-haj Seith Khalid Mahmood
Vice Chairman

Muhammad Hanif Rehmani
Joint Secretary

Mian Muhammad Bashir
Vice President

Riasat Ali Rehmani
Additional Joint Secretary

Ghulam Mustafa
Information Secretary

Tariq Mahmood Rehmani