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Rehmani Welfare Trust

Rehmani Welfare Trust

Helping the poor by eliminating poverty, ignorance, starvation, infirmity and malnutrition.

Find a surgeon
Find a surgeon

Micro Finance

Rehmani Welfare Trust (RWT) has been working as an "NGO" since 1972. It is registered with Central Board of Revenue. The main object of this organization is to help the people to gain the resources for their productive self-employment to encourage them to under!

The RWT is fully of its responsibilities towards the poor. By working together with other institutions engaged in the work of Poverty alleviation and developing coordinated strategies.

Micro Credit | Micro Enterprises

This component will provide loans (interest free) to persons who meet the eligibility criteria. This will engage the poor in self-employment and resource generation. This component will only be adopted with the approval of local leadership of the RWT. The local organization will explore and develop its resources locally. It will spend these resources to uplift and alleviate the deserving people from its area of jurisdiction.