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Rehmani Welfare Trust

Rehmani Welfare Trust

Helping the poor by eliminating poverty, ignorance, starvation, infirmity and malnutrition.

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Find a surgeon


Rehmani Welfare Trust will be a non profit organization as is vivid from the mission statement. All activities will be based on the concept of welfare of the people. The funds will be generated through various activities and will be spent on provision of services mentioned in the Mission Statement.

How to Achieve the Goal

First of all, an organization at District level (Top to down approach) will be formed with the help of local community (These selected people will be given a chance to elect their own leaders. There will not be any involvement, whatsoever of Central Body in selection of District Team ignoring the locals.). This organization will be asked to organize similar organizations at Tehsil and Town level. These Tehsil and Town organizations will form units at Union Council level. If required these Union Council Organizations will spread this process of formation of units up to block level leaving no person untouched.

Major Projects

Rehmani School System HafizAbad, Rehmani School System Maraaliwala, Gujranwala. Free Ambulance Service Hafiz Abad, Shadiwal, Wanike Tarar,Naukhar Alipur chattha and Khojianwali. Rehmani Free Dispensaries at Talwandi Musa Khan (Gujranwala) Shadiwal (Gujrat), Gujrat City, Kamonke, , Kashmir Road Gujranwala 93-6R (Sahiwal) Muhammad Pura (Sahiwal) Kassowal Bye- pass district Sahiwal & REhmani Free Dispensari, Okara city. Rehmani Women Vocational Institutes Talwandi Musa Khan (Gujranwala), Chadyala Khurd (Gujranwala), Rehmani youth wing Kamoke (Gujranwala) & Harapa city (Sahiwal). Rehmani Community Centers at Noshera Virka’n, Hafiz Abad, Shadiwal (Gujrat) & Chadyala Khurd (Gujranwala).

Education Health Micro Finance Environment Free Legal Aids Cell Customer Support