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  • Education

    To remove curse of ignorance by establishing quality educational institutions especially in deprived areas. The education will be free of cost and accessible to all.

  • Micro Finance

    To extend financial help to the most needy, to be decided by the local organization on purely merit basis. To protect the environment by raising the awareness level of masses.

  • Health

    To establish Health institutions (Dispensaries, Hospitals, Clinics and ambulances). Quality services will be provided here.


The RWT is fully aware of its responsibilities towards the poor by working together with other institutions engaged in the work of Poverty alleviation and developing coordinated strategies. Rehmani Welfare Trust (RWT) has been working as an "NGO" since long. It is registered with Central Board of Revenue (CBR) since 2007. The main objective of this organization is to help the people to gain the resources for their productive self-employment and to encourage them to fight against poverty by enhancing their education. The organization will motivate these people to stand united against poverty, ignorance and oppression.

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Executive Body of RWTP.

A governing body of the Trust is responsible for all activities. All projects initiated by the trust need approval from Governing Body. Decisions in the Governing Body are made on the basis of simple majority. Governance body consists of General Body & Executive Body. Executive Body consists of Chairman, General Secretary, Finance Secretary, Senior Vice President & Vice Presidents of General Body.

  • Haji Saif Ullah Zia
  • Saith Khalid Rehmani
    Vice Chairman
  • Tariq Mehmood Rehmani
  • Pehlawan Ashgar Ali
    General Secretary

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The Messages
  • It is pleasure to present this progress report for Rehmani Welfare Trust Pakistan. Working with the non-profit organization sector has always been a challenging business, and this past year has been some of the hardest economic times for our lives due to the enormous losses due to floods of 2010.
    Haji Saif Ullah
  • To remove curse of ignorance by establishing quality educational institutions especially in deprived areas. The education will be free of cost and accessible to all. Rehmani Welfare Trust is your organization. You have made us to stand in front of you. We are not better than you.
    Tariq Mehmood Rehmani
Major Projects

Our free Projects include Rehmani Free Ambulance Services, Health & Hygiene Services (Free Medical Dispensaries, Maternity Hospital, and Clean Drinking Water), Rehmani Vocational Trainings Centers, Collective Marriages Programs and Community Support Program. All of our social service combines with compassion and cooperation from our supporters, partners, and volunteers.

  • Free Ambulance Service

    Rehmani Welfare Trust is providing Ambulance Services for non-profit-making. It is auxiliary (additional help & supportive) Medical Service is to provide a free non-emergency ambulance transportation service to the public of our community.

  • Rehmani Free Dispensaries

    Rehmani Welfare Trust committed to provide all of our services and support at free of cost for poor and deserving patients. We offers free medical dispensaries, camps, services and medicine support in Pakistan. The Trust helps the deserving patients through arranging the free medical services and medical camps.

  • Clean Drinking Water

    Rehamni Welfare Trust paid attention to the water crisis, to ensure smooth provision of this most basic public health necessity to the deprived people in our area. Trust is working on the access to clean and safe drinking water in rural areas through installation of Hand pumps, Tube walls, & water filtration plants.

Main Events

A RWTP non-governmental organization, typically is established to work toward public or social welfare goals. For instance, RWTP could focus on EDUCATION, MICRO FINANCE, HEALTH, Helping the poor, and Environments.