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Executive Body of RWTP.

A governing body of the Trust is responsible for all activities. All projects initiated by the trust need approval from Governing Body. Decisions in the Governing Body are made on the basis of simple majority. Governance body consists of General Body & Executive Body. Executive Body consists of Chairman, General Secretary, Finance Secretary, Senior Vice President & Vice Presidents of General Body.

  • Haji Said Ullah Zia
  • Saith Khalid Rehmani
    Vice Chairman
  • Tariq Mehmood Rehmani
  • Dr. Rehmat Ullah Saqib
    Senior Vice President

  • Muhammad Hanif Rehmani
    Vice President
  • Mian Bashir Rehmani
    Vice President
  • Dr. Shafi Rehmani
    Vice President
  • Abdul Sattar Rehmani
    Vice President

  • Nazar Abbas
    Vice President
  • Mian Muhammad Khushi
    Vice President
  • Pehlawan Ashgar Ali
    General Secretary
  • Hakeem Abdul Jabbar
    Secretary of Affairs

  • Ghulam Mustafa Rehmani
    Finance Secretary