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The aim of Rehmani Welfare Trust (RWT), as outlined in the mission statement, is to unite the Rehmani Brethren living in various parts of the world especially in Pakistan. The theme to unite will be mutual help. People from various walks of life will sit together and offer their services for the welfare of their fellow brethren, free of cost. It will fasten them in a strong bond of love. This bond will be developed in a formal organization to serve the humanity in the areas of Education, Health and Micro Financing; the organizations will fight against all kinds of social exploitation and oppressions. The golden principle of starting the charity from home will be followed by all organizations.

Rehmani Welfare Trust has the following AIMS:

✓ To remove curse of ignorance by establishing quality educational institutions especially in deprived areas. The education will be free of cost and accessible to all.
✓ To establish Health institutions (Dispensaries, Hospitals, Clinics and ambulances). Quality services will be provided here.
✓ To extend financial help to the most needy, to be decided by the local organization on purely merit basis.
✓ To persuade the educated personnel ( Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Professors, Bureaucracy, Business men and others) to help the needy brethren in their area of jurisdiction.
✓ To provide free legal aid to the poor and needy by establishing Rehmani legal forums at district level.
✓ To protect the environment by raising the awareness level of masses.